New washing flume provides flexibility and extra washing power

A washer for all types of leafy vegetables, which is, thanks to its flexible set-up and installation possibilities, perfect for plants with limited space and for products containing a lot of sand, small stones or clay granules. That is the new WF-60 type washing flume in a nutshell. With this new type of washer for the first washing stage, presented for the first time at the Fruit Logistica, Sormac further expands its range of washers.

In addition to the well-known Pulstar washer, Sormac now has the WF-60 washing flume. The washing flume has a capacity of up to 4,000 kg/h (8,820 lbs/h) and has a unique and patented system. A stainless steel water conveyor flume is provided with one or more air injection systems.

These systems create an appropriate, non-aggressive turbulence in the water, causing the product in the flume to be cleaned. After this, the product literally moves to calmer waters, allowing the pollution washed off to settle and be separated from the product. This is done using sand outlet valves provided with a pneumatic output valve.

At the output, the washed product is collected on a conveyor belt and separated from the washing water. The coarse parts are filtered from the water, after which the water may be reused in the flume.

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