New Sormac ingredient assembly conveyors and weighing belts: more grip and optimum results

Sormac has recently launched a new automated ingredient assembly conveyor as well as a new type of weighing belt. These innovative weighing solutions enable vegetable processors to optimise their operations and lift their product quality to a higher level. The key to the success of a good production line is having full control of the product ratio’s. 

The new RBA automated ingredient assembly conveyor has been designed to weigh and mix all kinds of leafy and cut vegetables. Its principle is quite simple: weighing hoppers dose weighed amounts of ingredients onto the central conveyor under the hoppers.

The weighing belts type RB and WB can be used for batch weighing and also for the continuous weighing of a wide range of products. Loose leafy products are unloaded onto the weighing belt manually or by means of a supply conveyor after which the weighing belt transports them further down the line.

Let the numbers tell the truth

 Sormac has noted that there is great demand in the vegetable-processing industry for these weighing belts and ingredient assembly conveyors that can be integrated into all types of processing lines. “Weighing and monitoring products is becoming ever more important,” said Sales Director Roy Lemmen. “This is also due to the fact that the software collects all the relevant data which can be shared with the customer’s ERP system.”

This data enables customers to improve their processes leading to optimised production capacity and less waste. All this enables Sormac to help their customers to continuously improve their processes. ‘Let the numbers tell the truth’ is the guiding principle here. Knowing what is happening, more up-to-date information about business processes, and having that extra grip on operations; all this leads to a top product and an optimum result.

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