OptiCor: setting a new bar in coring efficiency

Sormac launches the new OptiCor OC-60, combining vision technology, accuracy and speed to deliver the most efficient solution for coring iceberg lettuce.

The OptiCor sets a new bar in coring
“The OptiCor is unique in that the coring mechanism is located below the product. This guarantees a 100% separation of the product and the waste stream,” says Jeroen Thijssen, R&D Manager at Sormac. “To make this possible, we’ve developed a targeting system with a camera. Aided by a monitor, the operator easily positions the crop within the set tolerance level. After this the head is
cored and divided into 2, 4 or 8 pieces”.

Efficient and effective
The OptiCor processes up to 60 heads per minute with a single operator. The system determines whether the core of the crop is centred correctly using image analysis, giving live feedback to the operator via an intelligent HMI before moving on to the coring station where each crop is cored perfectly in accordance with its individual characteristics.

Because the core is removed from the bottom, any risk of waste ending up with a good product is eliminated. “Together with our team of software engineers, we developed a system that sets the coring depth as favourably as possible. This allows the machine to achieve a yield of better than 95%”.

Designed according to Sormac standards
We believe in continuously striving to raise the bar in the fields of fresh vegetable, and salad processing – we do this by aiming for perfection in every detail, thus enabling us to ultimately deliver an optimal machine to our customers.

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