Sormac SW-80 spiral washer for higher capacities

Recently, Sormac launched the spiral washer type SW-80 for capacities up to 3,000 kg/hr. Based on the successful Sormac SW-50, the SW-80 can wash sliced various (non-)floating vegetables such as iceberg, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli and many more.

Product is washed intensively in the wash tank, which optionally can be equipped with air injection for extra agitation. A flycatcher removes insects and small pieces and submerges the product. Then the product is transferred onto an outfeed shaker, where the product is rinsed with fresh water. For delicate products, the washer can be equipped with a conveyor. Water is captured in the collection tank and filtered by a rotary drum sieve.

This filtered water is then recirculated back into the washer by a pump. The swirling action and force of the water can be regulated separately through adjustable valves and nozzles, to assure a proper washing operation and the required dwell time of each product.

The control panel features a touchscreen that displays water temperature and the possibility to (de)activate various machine components.


Sormac spiraalwasser type SW-80

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