Sormac VeggieLine deployed for mise en place

The Rungis mise en place¹ is amongst the most modern cutting kitchens in Europe. To meet the rapidly growing market demand, Rungis decided to use a washing and drying line from Sormac’s VeggieLine range. These machines ensure that they remain way ahead of the competition.

Rungis is a vegetable and fruit supplier that specialises in supplying products to the hospitality sector. The increasingly urgent shortage of chefs means that preparation activities are being outsourced more often. Rungis cleverly used this to its advantage. Rungis doubled the area of its cutting kitchen in 2019. During this expansion, a Sormac VeggieLine washing and drying line that consisted of a conveyor belt, two SW-50/350 spiral washers and two MC-44/Vario centrifuges was installed.

“The Sormac machines ensure that our lettuce (mixes) are washed twice in ice water that is no warmer than 2 degrees Celsius,” says Robert Bovens, Operational Manager at Rungis.

“The air blown into the water keeps the lettuce from bruising and ensures it’s washed thoroughly. Unwanted elements such as flies and small pieces of product are removed with a flycatcher. The water from the washers is filtered and reused. After the SW-50, the lettuce is dried in a centrifuge. This ensures that we meet our customers’ high-quality requirements.”

¹ Mise en place: preparation activities in gastronomy


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