The best among cutting machines

Since the FS-3600 was introduced at the Fruit Logistica in 2018, the slice and wedge cutter has exceeded expectations. The machine cuts fruit and vegetables with razor-sharp results. This hasn’t gone unnoticed: Sormac has sold dozens since then.

More than half of these were sold in the US, where the machine is mainly used for cutting tomatoes and citrus fruits. American processors are critical: they only want the best quality tomato slices and expect their lemon and lime wedges to be cut with perfect edges.

Why is the FS-3600 such a hit?

The success of the machine is due to the drive of the cutting blades. While many cutters are equipped with a pneumatic cutting mechanism, the cutting mechanism of the FS-3600 is driven by an electric motor. This ensures a high and uniform speed, which leads to a perfect cutting result.

Versatile and user-friendly

An excellent cutting result alone doesn’t warrant a machine to be the best. The FS-3600 distinguishes itself further based on its versatility with regard to both its cutting possibilities and the wide range of products it can process.

It will, for example, easily and precisely cut various types of fruit such as apples, citrus fruit and kiwis, but also many types of vegetables including tomatoes, carrots, onions and (sweet) potatoes. Due to its efficient changeover system, cut and product can be changed effortlessly. Add its high ease of use and the FS-3600 is launched to best in class.

For this machine our motto once again holds true: small details, big difference.

Sormac tomatenschijf, limoenwegde en sinaasappelwedge

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