Meet Sormac at exhibitions again!

In-person contact is very important at Sormac. That’s why we’re pleased that physical conferences are back. This autumn, Sormac will be represented at seven conferences. We look forward to seeing you there!

Conference overview autumn 2021

September 27-29, 2021Pack ExpoLas Vegas, Nevada, USA
  • Belt slicer BSM-150
  • Centrifuge MC-44/Vario
  • Vegetable sticks machine GSM-1200
  • Slice and wedge cutter FS-3600
October 4-8, 2021AgroprodmashMoskou, Rusland
October 5-7, 2021Fruit AttractionMadrid, Spanje
  • Centrifuge MC-44/Vario
  • Slice and wedge cutter FS-3600
October 18-20, 2021PPI Fall MeetingAustin, Texas, USA
October 28-30, 2021PMA Fresh SummitNew Orleans, Louisiana, USA
  • Belt slicer BSM-150
  • Centrifuge MC-44/Vario
  • Vegetable sticks machineGSM-1200
  • Slice and wedge cutter FS-3600
November 7-9, 2021Gulfood ManufacturingDubai, Verenigde Arabische Emiraten
  • Belt slicer BSM-150
  • Slice and wedge cutter FS-1500
November 28-30, 2021InterpomKortrijk, België
  • Knife peeler MS-10
  • Peeling machine MBS-60

Machines will be available for live demonstrations at various conferences.

Belt slicer BSM-150
The new generation of belt slicers are the smartest on the market. The software and interface have been developed such that the machine can be taken into use quickly. Select the product, the cut and the cutting size. If the mounted blade is the correct one, the machine can be used immediately. If the blade needs to be changed, the touchscreen will display step-by-step instructions. The unique upper and lower belts hold the product up to the blade. This ensures high cutting quality and accuracy. The belt cutting machine is suitable for a wide variety of products.

Centrifuge MC-44/Vario
The centrifuge removes excess water from leafy vegetables and other fresh produce. Various innovative features ensure optimum drying results and safe working conditions. The machine has a reverse function, for example, in which the basket’s spinning direction reverses halfway through the cycle, resulting in a drier end product. In ‘slow start and stop’ mode, the basket accelerates at a gradual pace. This is particularly suitable for delicate leafy vegetables. The centrifuge processes batches up to 15 kg, which is 50% more than comparable machines.

Vegetable sticks machine GSM-1200
In the vegetable sticks machine, the product is manually placed on a V-shaped feed plate. Closing the lid activates the cutting mechanism. The powerful pneumatic cylinder cuts hard products with a diameter of up to 45mm and a length of up to 80mm. The cylinder pushes the entire product through the blade unit, which is equipped with special blades that ensure a perfect cutting result.

Knife peeler MS-10
The MS-10 knife peeler is the best solution for continuously peeling pre-cleaned or pre-scraped tuber-like products such as potatoes, beetroot and celery. A transport screw regulates the residence time of the product in the rotating drum. The finished product looks as though hand-peeled.

Slice and wedge cutter FS-1500 and FS-3600
The FS-1500 and FS-3600 punch fruit and vegetables with razor-sharp results. The machine’s success can be attributed to the drive of the punching knives. The electric motor ensures a high punching speed, which leads to a perfect result. The slice and wedge cutters are further distinguished by their broad array of cuts and the wide range of products they process. The two models differ based on their capacity: the FS-1500 processes up to 1,500 products per hour; the FS-3600 processes up to 3,600 products per hour.

Peeling machine MBS-60
The peeling machine is suitable for scraping and peeling tuberous products such as potatoes, celeriac and turnips. The machine creates a beautiful, smoothly peeled end product. Due to the meticulous blade adjustment and the hygienic blue rubber wall covering, peel loss is minimised and bruising is avoided.

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