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In 2016, Fresh Pak Inc. based in Detroit, Michigan, bought a SC-940 centrifuge from Sormac. The company subsequently invested in three full processing lines for a wide range of leafy vegetables.

Fresh Pak is expanding its site to meet growing demand. It was looking for processing lines for high-quality cutting, washing, drying and packaging of various types of leafy vegetables (delicate and hard) for the retail and food service industry to support this growth.

The three lines include preparation tables on which the vegetables are inspected and then prepared using belt slicers. The Sormac Pulstar salad washer was chosen for the washing stage. This washer has a special air-injection system that moves the product through the water peristaltically, which results in enhanced contact between the product and washing water and a more consistent dwell time. The dwell time in the washer can be controlled very accurately by adjusting the water bypass pump.

Next, the new SC-940/NextGen centrifuge is used for dewatering. Finally, a multihead weigher is integrated at the end of each line. From there on the product is packaged.

As well as preserving product quality, these lines save a considerable amount of time. This is due to a shortened changeover time between different types of products. Their water consumption is also significantly lower. Two aspects that are very important to Fresh Pak.

Vegetable processing line - Sormac

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