The Sormac PepperCorer: one machine – multiple possibilities

The bell pepper is a fruiting vegetable that can be prepared in many different ways. There are no limits to the imagination. But it is precisely this wide variety of possibilities and processing options that makes the development of a machine specially designed for this vegetable so complex, particularly if you also want to make this versatility technically feasible. “Complex, but not impossible,” says Jeroen Thijssen, research and development team leader at Sormac.

The PepperCorer PC-55 processing machine is proof of this. The machine specialist explains how it works: “The bell peppers are positioned manually in the clamping arms of the ‘stock table’ from an optional conveyor belt. The clamping arms are pneumatically controlled, using compressed air, which holds the product centred in position. The stock table rotates step-by-step. One full rotation of the table may include a maximum of four processing steps, depending on the individual customer’s wishes.“

Roy Lemmen, Sales Director, adds: “It is precisely these adaptable options that are so important to us at Sormac, because our customers have very varied requirements with regard to the processing of a product.

The PepperCorer PC-55 starts by removing the bell pepper’s stalk. The bell pepper is then decored and the core seeds are removed entirely by means of a vacuum unit.
Now – if required – various additional steps are possible, such as capping the bell pepper, or even cutting the bell peppers horizontally.

In the final step, by simply adding an additional knife to the machine, you have the option to cut the peppers vertically: from 2 to 24 segments – everything is feasible and easy to do.”Up to 55 bell peppers can be processed per minute, depending on the machine operator.

Suitable for all bell pepper classes

According to the two Sormac specialists, all types of bell peppers can be processed. “The machine processes bell peppers with a minimum length of 70 mm and a maximum length of 150 mm. The diameter that can be processed is between 60 mm and 115 mm.”

In addition to the high efficiency with just one operator required, and the individually adjustable processing steps, the PepperCorer PC-55 also impresses with its high hygiene standards. “We give the highest priority to maximum hygiene in all of our machines. This means that comfortable, simple cleaning and disinfection are absolutely essential. In addition to a long service life, uncomplicated and safe operation is a must. The PepperCorer PC-55 combines all of these properties,” says the research and development team leader.

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