MS-30: One machine, two applications

The peeled potato market constantly evolves as a result of increasing consumer expectations. Our customers feel this. Two clients in France invested in an MS-30 knife peeler. These knife peelers are ideal for peeling raw or pre-peeled potatoes and other round root vegetables such as beetroots and celeriac.

In Northern France, a couple run a potato processing company that supplies a wide range of peeled potatoes such us uncut potatoes, fries, grenaille potatoes, slices, dices and wedges. When their old machine needed to be replaced, they decided to use the opportunity to raise the bar on product quality as well as productivity. After reviewing the relevant market information, they decided to buy Sormac’s MS-30 knife peeler. “We have made huge leaps in terms of both product quality and capacity,” said our satisfied client.

A large vegetable processor from Western France recently installed a new potato processing line that is equipped with a Sormac MS-30 knife peeler. They bought this machine for peeling potatoes that have already been steam peeled. “The potato ‘eyes’ and bruises are removed perfectly. The potatoes leave the MS-30 as if they had been hand peeled,” said the extremely satisfied production manager.

In brief: the MS-30 is a versatile machine that delivers an excellent peeling result.

Peeled potato from the knife peeler MS-30 - Sormac

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