Sormac centrifuge; making the best better

Sormac launches the renewed version of its SC-940 centrifuge at Fruit Logistica

Dryer produce, higher capacity, saving energy, and even higher hygiene standards. In a nutshell, these are the main added benefits of the renewed version of Sormac’s SC-940 centrifuge. The company – the number one specialist in vegetable processing machines – will launch this next-generation product at Fruit Logistica. The SC-940/NextGen is, without doubt, a major advance when centrifuging delicate leafy vegetables and cut vegetables!

The SC-740 and SC-940 centrifuges for drying leafy vegetables, which Sormac has been marketing for several years, have obtained a strong market position. Distinguishing features of these machines include their simple construction combined with a robust drive, the continuous and even produce flow from and to the centrifuge, and the fact that the product is handled with all due care.

The time has now come for the next step! Sormac is presenting a renewed version of the SC-940 centrifuge at Fruit Logistica. This SC-940/NextGen was developed in response to market demand: companies wanted a higher-capacity centrifuge that would also be able to supply dryer produce. The renewed version of the SC-940 centrifuge, which is also characterized by improved technology, satisfies these demands. “Faster motors enable the machine to run at higher speeds, drying the product better,” says Roy Lemmen, Commercial Director at Sormac. “Furthermore, the quicker drum acceleration and deceleration enables shorter and more efficient cycles to be achieved. This allows for higher processing capacity.”

The SC-940/NextGen is suitable for drying all kinds of produce, including leafy vegetables such as cut iceberg lettuce, cabbage and soft lettuces. “But this centrifuge is also perfect for various types of cut vegetables, for instance, carrots, onions and leek.”

Energy and hygiene gains

But there are more upsides to the SC-940/NextGen centrifuge. For example, users can save energy: the centrifuge features an energy recovery system as standard. This means that the energy released while decelerating the drum is fed back into the grid. This has been made possible by using an efficient motor and a special frequency inverter. “What is also important is the renewed unbalance control which carefully measures and controls the unbalance in the drum. This causes the machine to run even more stably and dries the produce uniformly.”

The renewed centrifuge also offers improvements in hygiene. “The new design has made the SC-940/NextGen easier to maintain and even better to clean than its predecessor. This is because all compartments have been designed with an eye to easy cleaning. For this purpose, the centrifuge features hinged front, rear and side doors. This enables customers to work to even higher hygiene standards. This is very important since these standards are continually being developed further. In short: the SC-940/NextGen is making the best better!”


Presentation during Fruit Logistica

The SC-940/NextGen will be showcased at the Sormac stand (hall 3, stand D-10) at Fruit Logistica, held in Berlin from 7 to 9 February.


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