Sormac’s red beet peeling line for van Walderveen surpasses all expectations

Henk van Walderveen started selling potatoes, vegetables and fruit house-to-house two generations ago. Today, the international trading company van Walderveen serves the entire world. Carrots, cauliflowers and red beets are among its main lines.

Red beets are the only vegetables processed in-house by van Walderveen. They are peeled, cooked, cooled within three hours, sliced and packed in any desired quantity and packaging in a fully temperature-controlled processing facility.

In October 2018, van Walderveen started using a new red beet peeling line from Sormac. This line consists of a bunker, an elevating belt, an MS-20 knife peeler and a roller inspection table.

Van Walderveen is extremely satisfied with the new processing line, whose capacity exceeds the agreed volumes.

In addition, the combination of the efficient drive and peeling method minimise the energy consumption of the Sormac knife peelers. And that perfectly matches the sustainability ambitions of van Walderveen. Another of their contributions to sustainability is supplying the peeling waste to farmers for cattle feed.

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