The next step for the FS-1500 slice and wedge cutter

Sormac machines are continually being improved upon. The VeggieLine’s FS-1500 slice and wedge cutter is no exception.

Upgrade FS-1500
The main upgrade regards the housing around the cutting system, which was re-designed to facilitate easy cleaning. The housing used to be a closed design made of polycarbonate. Going forward it is made from stainless steel, like its big brother the FS-3600. The FS-1500’s design is now fully aligned with the FS-series design suite.

Available with dip flume
The FS-1500/DF version of the slice and wedge cutter is mounted on a dip flume. In a single movement, the machine cores apples and cuts them into wedges. The product is then collected in the dip flume and dipped by a belt with holders. This prevents discolouration and extends the product’s shelf life. The core is discharged to a hopper underneath the flume.

The belt speed and dwell time in the water are set on the touch screen, allowing for the creation of personalised programmes. A fan with an air knife may be installed on the outfeed belt of the flume to remove excess water.

Versatile cutting options
The FS-1500 can be equipped with blades to cut slices, half slices, wedges and sticks.

Are you interested in the FS-1500? Please get in touch! Our sales team will be happy to explain the latest updates in more detail.

Snitoverzicht FS-1500

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