The perfection of 10 sous-chefs in one machine

Cutting fruit and vegetables is a specialty. We’ve all been there: you’re in the kitchen slicing a tomato. Instead of beautifully round slices with sharp edges, the result is compressed slices with squeezed juice. This is certainly not desirable in the large-scale processing of tomatoes and other fruit and vegetables. The solution? A Sormac machine with the right cutting technique.

What defines a good cutting machine?
The success of a cutting machine lies in the drive of the blades. Many cutting machines use a punching technique with a pneumatic cutting mechanism. In the case of Sormac’s FS-3600 slice and wedge cutter, the cutting mechanism is driven by an electric motor. This ensures a high and constant speed, which guarantees a perfect cutting result – not just for tomatoes, but also for hard products such as onions.

Versatile and easy to use
In addition to an excellent cutting result, the availability of versatile cuts is very important in processing: hamburgers require tomato slices, and salads require wedges. The same goes for lemons: soft drinks require slices, and garnishing dishes require wedges. The slice and wedge cutter covers all of these, and stands out due to its wide range of processable produce – both soft and hard.

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